How To Get Rid Of Cellulite On Thighs Naturally

Cellulite appears to be one of the issues afflicting most women today. The frequency with which cellulite remedies appear in women’s magazines, websites, and blogs leads me to believe this is still an issue.

According to most sources, the dimpled look of cellulitis is brought on by problems/imbalances in a person’s connective tissue and fat. Nonetheless, there are a variety of hypotheses regarding the origin of this imbalance. Hormones, nutrition, lifestyle, and genetics all play a part, but no absolutes exist. While overweight people are more likely to develop cellulite, many slender women also experience it.

How to Get Rid of Cellulite Naturally?

Below are natural remedies I’ve personally tested or recommended by reliable sources. They should all assist in balancing the connective tissue and adipose in the body and addressing the numerous potential causes. In any case, these items are advantageous for additional reasons, so they are worth a try!

1. Dry Brushing

It is a remedy for which there may be no scientific evidence of its efficacy, but substantial anecdotal support exists. In either case, it feels lovely and stimulates blood and lymph circulation. Here are some particulars:

  1. How often: Dry skin brushing exposes your pores. You can and should do it daily, if not twice daily. Your epidermis should be dry, so turning on the water in the shower is the optimal time. Please avoid getting the brush damp.
  2. Direction: You should only brush in the direction of the center. Avoid back-and-forth, scrubbing, and circular motions while using extended strokes. Begin at the feet and work up the legs on both sides before proceeding to the arms and chest. On the midriff, rotate the toothbrush counterclockwise. Also, do not brush too vigorously; the skin should be stimulated and energized but not irritated or inflamed.
  3. Type of brush: The filaments should be natural, not synthetic, and preferably derived from plants. The barbs should be rigid but not exceptionally so. If necessary, look for one with an attachable handle for hard-to-reach areas.
  4. Benefits: Besides removing flaky skin from knees, elbows, and ankles, body brushing promotes skin tightening, cell renewal, and blood circulation. It also aids in the elimination of toxins from the lymphatic system, digestion, and kidney function. In addition, you’ll observe a glowing, smooth complexion.

A natural fiber, semi-firm brush with a handle (such as this one) is the most effective, and I keep mine in the shower and use it daily before showering.

2. Consuming Gelatin

Gelatin primarily comprises the amino acids glycine and proline, found in the bones, fibrous tissues, and organs of animals. Still, as a population, we no longer ingest these parts in sufficient quantities. These amino acids are required for healthy skin, hair, and nails and optimal immune function and weight regulation!

According to numerous sources, gelatin offers the following health benefits:

  • Supports skin, nail, and hair growth
  • Beneficial for joints and rehabilitative for joints
  • Can it help tighten sagging skin (like the kind you get after having four children in five years?
  • It can enhance digestion because it naturally bonds to water and promotes the swift movement of food through the digestive tract.
  • Rumored to help improve cellulite
  • Excellent source of dietary collagen (as a side note, collagen molecules are too large to be absorbed by the epidermis, rendering most skin treatments ineffective). Ingest it and use coconut oil as a moisturizer!)
  • Protein source (though not particularly impressive), but its amino acids can aid muscle growth.

According to one theory, a reduction in gelatin-containing items in our diets has caused an increase in cellulite by depriving us of the necessary building blocks for good connective tissue. In either instance, it is a remedy advantageous for additional reasons and deserves a trial.

It is one of several brands of gelatin granules that I enjoy and use.

3. Myofascial Massage

Cellulite may form in the superficial fascia or a layer of connective tissue beneath the epidermis containing fat cells, according to one theory. Due to inactivity, injuries, or inappropriate exercise, fibrous adhesions (scar tissue) can form in the superficial fascia, causing the skin to appear puckered or wrinkly. In addition to becoming more fibrous, thickened, coarse, and less flexible, the superficial fascia can also adhere to structures that it ordinarily glides over.

Some clinicians can perform muscular therapy or myofascial release therapy, which smooths this layer of connective tissues and reportedly helps with some muscle and joint issues related to fascia imbalances.

For those who do not have access to a regular massage, regular use of a deep tissue foam roller (such as this one) can also be highly beneficial. My preferred tool for deep tissue massage is the Myobuddy, a handheld percussive massager I use several times weekly.

4. Coffee Scrub 

Additionally, coffee treatments can aid in reducing cellulite. Massage and exfoliation stimulate blood and lymph flow, which is helpful for the skin, and the caffeine in the cup of coffee has a relaxing effect. As with the other remedies, it is at least worth a try to see if coffee cleanses and wraps effectively reduce cellulite and sagging skin, as evidenced by numerous accounts on Pinterest. Coffee has a pleasant aroma, and this scrub will exfoliate skin:

You will need :

1/4 cup coffee grounds

3 TBS sugar or brown sugar

2-3 TBS of melted coconut oil

What to do:

If you use unprocessed coconut oil, the mixture will harden when chilled. Please keep it in a glass container.

To use:

Using firm pressure, massage the epidermis for several minutes before washing as usual. 1-2 times per week. There should be visible results within a few weeks.

5. Kettlebell 

Kettlebells are one of my fave forms of exercise and are particularly beneficial for the hips/thighs/buttocks/abdomen (don’t believe me? Do one kettlebell exercise and let me know how your thighs feel the next day!)

Increasing blood flow to these areas can aid in removing cellulite, and kettlebells are one of the most efficient methods to build muscle and burn fat (both of which help reduce cellulite’s appearance). They are inexpensive and take up little storage space; I use them. You must ensure that there are no children nearby when using them!

6. Omega-3s

Consuming the incorrect types of fats may result in an imbalance of the fatty acids required by the body for smooth skin and tissue, according to a second theory. There is some evidence that adequate consumption of omega-3 fatty acids and fat-soluble micronutrients will aid in the gradual reduction of cellulite. Omega-3s and fat-soluble vitamins are essential for many other bodily functions, so it won’t harm to try it!

I consume these fish oil capsules daily for the health of my skin, among other reasons.

7. Detox Baths

I enjoy detox baths as they are soothing, but another theory asserts that the accumulation of toxins in skin and fat tissues causes cellulite. I could not locate scientific evidence to support this toxic claim, but detox baths can be relaxing and beneficial to the skin in other ways, so they are worth a try!

Here are my three preferred detox bath remedies.

8. Moisturize Naturally

In the same way, detox baths help remove toxins that can cause skin problems (and possibly cellulite), consistently applying toxins back to the skin via chemical-laden beauty products is not very beneficial! Try using natural options for hygiene and moisturizing if you haven’t already. Simple coconut oil can use as an all-purpose emollient, but if you want to get a little fancier, here are some of favorite recipes:

  • Perfect Silk Lotion Bars
  • Three-Ingredient Lotion Bars
  • Homemade Luxurious Lotion

9. Balance Hormones

Numerous sources concur that hormones play a significant role in cellulite formation (one reason why women typically get it and males don’t) and that achieving proper hormone balance can aid in reducing cellulite. Even if it does not eliminate cellulite, harmonizing hormones is beneficial in so many other ways that it is worthwhile to pursue!

Thank you for reading….

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